[linux-elitists] You're either with the Internet Explorer or you're with the terrorists...

Aaron Sherman ajs@ajs.com
Thu Jan 27 09:43:59 PST 2005

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 09:47, Greg Folkert wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 00:07 +1100, Mike MacCana wrote:
> >        From www.boingboing.net...

> >       Jailed for using a nonstandard browser

> > A Londonder made a tsnuami-relief donation using lynx -- a text-based 
> > browser used by the blind, Unix-users and others -- on Sun's Solaris 
> > operating system. The site-operator decided that this "unusual" event in 
> > the system log indicated a hack-attempt, and the police broke down the 
> > donor's door and arrested him.

> So... this Homeland Security Mad^H^H^HGoodness a plenty, isn't just here
> in the Good Ole U.S. of A. Glad to be of help to the Brits.

Hold on here... this smells an awful lot like an over-simplification. BT
must get THOUSANDS of hits in their logs from people who use random
browsers, obfuscate their User Agent strings, and run spiders. My
spidey-sense is tingling, making me wonder what ELSE this guy did that
made BT panic and call the cops.

User Agent strings from my logs include "JemmaTheTourist", "Fluffy the
spider", "MonkeyCrawl", 5 versions of Lynx, 3 versions of Links, and 9
versions of LWP! No, I can't buy that this was about the user-agent
string unless someone is able to pull a quote from BT or the cops,
confirming that that was the criteria.

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