[linux-elitists] Are we Dead Yet? (or "For every sprinkle I find, I shall kill you!)

Mike MacCana mmaccana@redhat.com
Wed Jan 26 21:32:18 PST 2005

Tom Duffy wrote:

>On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 21:45 -0800, Rick Moen wrote:
>>Again:  This particular instance isn't someone who installed RH 9 and
>>7.3 and then _later_ wasn't paying attention when it subsequently became
>>unmaintained:  This is someone who deliberately installed them _after_
>>they had been EOLed and had already, long before, become unmaintained.
>You would be surprised (or maybe not) at how many commercial
>applications "require" RedHat 8 or 9.  I guess these companies couldn't
>handle the shift to Fedora.  For instance, Metroworks IDE, is one I have
>had to deal with recently.  It behaves erratically on Fedora 2.  So,
>people in my group install RedHat 9 on brand new machines to get support
>for their crappy commercial software.
Crappy proprietary software.

But asides from that minor niggle, yes.


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