[linux-elitists] What to do about cluebatting such companies, that require possibly *YEARS* old Distros

Rick Bradley roundeye@roundeye.net
Wed Jan 26 14:12:21 PST 2005

* glen martin (glenm@locutory.org) [050126 16:48]:
> For the rest of us, it is an optimisation problem. Cost of defects vs
> cost of rigor at initial development time.  Where this analysis fails
> is that some tend to not consider the long term cost of lack of rigor,
> in the effect of poor specification and testing regimen on the ability
> to later upgrade, update etc. But even taking the long term costs into
> account, the net present value of the maintenance problem may not
> clearly exceed to nonlinear growth in costs due to increasing
> development rigor.

I'll accept this characterization.  There is a continuum (whether or not
it is measurable) ranging from "we don't really care at all about our
systems and can mostly do without them" to the large environments I was
discussing.  Once the optimization problem indicates that available and
reasonably up-to-date systems are a priority I believe there's no reason
to reinvent the production management wheel, and that many large-scale
processes can be trimmed and scaled down to make even small deployments
more available.

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