[linux-elitists] Mail indexing, Beagle-styles

Phil Mayers p.mayers@imperial.ac.uk
Mon Jan 24 16:21:02 PST 2005


After a long new-year break, I'm back at work on Thursday with some new 
years resolutions to enact, one of which being to start managing my 
personal information.

I'm thinking something like a fusion of Zoe (http://zoe.nu) with IMAP, 
Beagle/Dashboard, Evo's VFolder functionality *server side*, with some 
extra features that I haven't (yet) seen anywhere.

Interestingly (sadly) a lot of these search-based email systems (Zoe, 
Gmail) eschew folders completely, undoubtedly for complexity reasons.  
That irritates me immensely. Am I just being crotchety, and need to move 
with the times?


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