[linux-elitists] Are we Dead Yet? (or "For every sprinkle I find, I shall kill you!)

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Thu Jan 20 06:34:21 PST 2005

Life has been getting on pretty good lately:
     1. SCOG is getting hammered on nearly everything
     2. Microsoft is back-pedaling on PR about eradicating Spam by 2006
     3. SUN is starting to find out just how badly they need Linux
     4. RedHat is actually starting to discover the mandates to
        Volunteers as to "What" features Fedora will have, isn't such a
        good thing
     5. Novell's commitment to Ximian, SuSE Linux, its Directory product
        on Linux, plus various other things-a-sunder. Oh,the Stance on
        the Copyright stuff regarding #1
     6. IBM recently decided to release IP into the Wilderness. Me, I
        get warm fuzzies from the "Microsoft of the 80s" in terms of
        Monopoly Money. But, I am in a wait and see mode on it.
     7. Many Linux Distributors have become profitable this past year,
        some even emerged out of bankruptcy
     8. Apple, though still not quite understanding the whole FOSS thing
        yet, is making strides they wouldn't have even considered 5 (or
        even 3) years ago. Jobs still might botch it. Similar to #6, I
        am in wait and see mode.
     9. Dell, (shhhh) actually is shipping Linux on AMD processors, even
        though they still deny it.
    10. Microsoft is in emergency PR mode on nearly everything, if
        they'd quit spending time "Adding" Value (Value to whom?) and
        start *FIXING* its problems (and really fixing them), this
        Emergency PR would just "Go Away" and I might actually not
        cringe every time I am forced to support a Windows Machine.
    11. The NY Times has started publishing scathing articles about
        Microsoft's lack of enthusiasm in general about fixes.
    12. The NY Times has noticed FireFox.
    13. IBM has trimmed the dead branch from its tree trunk (PC/Laptop
        division) and is probably looking at PPC for the replacement.
    14. Debian Sarge is getting closer to release making Sarge much more
        usable than Woody. And the release date has been nailed down:
        You know RSN.
    15. Ubuntu Linux take the place of Sarge for my distro of choice to
        give to "completely frustrated" Windows(and its various
        versions) wanting something that just works.

Anyone else got anything (positive) to contribute. I found 2004 to be
refreshing as far as FOSS is concerned. It is truly amazing that the
revolution is slowly becoming mundane... 3rd page news etc. To me this
is a GREAT thing.

I am just wondering how other list members felt about 2004.
greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

The technology that is
Stronger, better, faster: Linux
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