[linux-elitists] Re: You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Geoff Lane zzassgl@buffy.sighup.org.uk
Sat Jan 8 12:55:08 PST 2005

>    He says he has turned GaDuGi over to the Cherokee Nation, which
>    will hold the copyright. GaDuGi will be distributed under a new
>    Cherokee Nation Open Source License that is still being written,
>    but reportedly differs from other open source licenses in
>    recognizing trade secret rights in the underlying code.

Huh?  He may have copyright over the collection of resources that form
GaDuGi but the majority of code in the kernel is both copyrighted by the
individual authors and distributed under GPL which doesn't allow
distribution rights to be futher restricted.

I know the guy has "interesting" ideas and is regularly laughed out of Linux
discussions but I presume The Cherokee Nation has lawyers who can explain
the legal exposure?

(And don't get me started on the idea that a trade secret can survive
massive distribution to millions of people all over the world :-)

Geoff Lane
"The real goal is to figure out a way to get an 'operating system' 
royalty per TV. 10's of millions of TV's per year at $10-$20 per TV 
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