[linux-elitists] Virtualization

Rob McGee list+Elite@nodns4.us
Wed Feb 23 20:56:33 PST 2005

On Wednesday 23 February 2005 22:34, Mike MacCana wrote:
> More users = more apps, less shitty websites, better drivers, and
> more developers (OSS and otherwise).

To some extent, maybe, but a lot of the Windows point-and-drool crowd  
do not have the potential to become contributing members of the free 
software community. They do have the potential to become leeches, 
leading to burned-out, frustrated developers who then become less 
available to the elite.

Would we as a community benefit from replacing MS in "the market"? 
Perhaps in one way, that there would be fewer spam-zombies in the wild, 
but otherwise I'm not sure.
    Rob - /dev/rob0

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