[linux-elitists] [Bioclusters] New BioBrew Release (fwd from gotero@linuxprophet.com)

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Feb 23 09:54:26 PST 2005

Quoting Eugen Leitl (eugen@leitl.org):

> That's an interesting one. Rick, do you have a special page for scientific
> Linux distros?

Not per se -- but most computational clusters run either RHEL or (more
commonly) one of the RHEL-rebuild distributions such as Scientific
Linux.  I keep a catalogue of the latter, here:

"RHEL Forks" on http://linuxmafia.com/kb/RedHat

Scientific computing is of course not limited just to computational
clusters, however.  I have no general guide to that field as a whole.
Distrowatch might be the best place to look.  I'm aware of the existance
of Quantian and Bioknoppix in this field, but I'm sure there are many

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