[linux-elitists] Virtualization

Rob McGee list+Elite@nodns4.us
Tue Feb 22 16:51:59 PST 2005

On Tuesday 22 February 2005 18:05, Mike MacCana wrote:
> Sure. But you can also just run Linux as an app under Windows.
> Without needing VMWare, and the overhead involved.

FWIW in my limited experience with VMware I've found it's not that bad.
The bad thing is the amount of RAM you have to dedicate to it.

I don't have the misfortune of having to USE it myself, but I do  
support it. /dev/wife is a Windows addict (running apps on there which 
are available for Linux, go figure!) and one customer runs some stupid 
useless Windows servers under VMware GSX on a super-duper Linux 
physical machine (SMP, SCSI RAID, and more RAM than you could shake a 
stick at.[1])

If you're going to be running a GUI on the guest OS anyway, it probably 
compares favorably to other VM options. But for Linux servers, no GUI, 
I like UML.

[1] I do find it puzzling that you'd want to shake a stick at RAM.
    Rob - /dev/rob0

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