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Eugen Leitl eugen@leitl.org
Tue Feb 22 09:29:04 PST 2005

On Tue, Feb 22, 2005 at 08:51:49AM -0800, Don Marti wrote:

> Why would you partition a big expensive server into

Scenario: dual-Opteron 1U box -- hardly big, not very expensive.
With VServers you can create secure compartments, for different services. You
can also run hundreds of VServers for individual users -- assuming rackspace
is at premium, and you don't just shelve a hall full of PCs venting into the
sky (as those ratty root server ISPs do).

> the equivalent of several small cheap servers that
> add up to a fraction of the big server's price?

The equation is somewhat different.
> And why would you license a fancy virtualization
> layer when you could just buy blade servers?

Because blades are fucken expensive. 
> Real or virtual, you still need to manage the servers

Command line tools and automation. You don't have to tweak embeddeds, or fuck
around with VLANS, PDUS, BIOS settings, embedded controllers, and sundry
other uninspiring crap.

> -- so why not just put in good management software
> (including power management, which you really need for
> big blade installations) and skip the virtualization
> malarkey?

I'm doing both. Poor man's blade (dual mini-ITXen in 1U), 
an APC remote-control PDU, and a few VServers (plus a HA setup).
> Who cares about the percentage of utilization
> of a resource that's really cheap?  Would you

Seas of boxen each at <1% utilization are not that.

> virtualize all the staplers at the company because
> they have <1% utilization?  No, that would be dumb.
> They're staplers.  You can get more for less money
> and less hassle than trying to virtualize them.
> I can see one use for virtualization -- linode.com
> style virtual hosts where the _customers_ manage all
> those virtual servers and you actually get paid for

Yes, this is one of the reasons I'm to use VServers.

> each one -- but, really, isn't the virtualization
> frenzy just a smokescreen to try to put some profits
> back into the generic server/generic OS market?

Most hype has a tiny kernel of something useful, struggling to get out.

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