[linux-elitists] Nader

Aaron Sherman ajs@ajs.com
Mon Feb 21 08:19:26 PST 2005

On Mon, 2005-02-21 at 04:21 -0800, Karsten M. Self wrote:

> As someone who also believes Nader has done much good, who's voted for
> him, who's participated in Nader events, and who thinks Nader had (and
> has) some very good points (which the Democrats were idiots to ignore in
> the past election), I wished (and expressed same) that he'd chosen a
> different way of expressing himself.  If you'll look at election returns
> in several borderline states (IA, NM, OH, FL, WA), you'll find that
> Nader's share of the vote, slim as it was (and it _was_ much smaller
> than 2000), were close to the margin of victory in same.

I'm replying to this separately, as it's clearly a different topic. I
don't debate what you say above at all. The facts clearly speak for

However, the conclusion for me is that MORE people should run for office
on all (notice I did not say both) sides of the spectrum.

Dean, IMHO, should have dropped out of the democratic ticket and run on
a platform entirely based on moving to IRV (which he strongly supports
after a pilot in Vermont). If Dean had run on the "I'll balance left and
right for four years just to get us a sane voting system" message, I
think he could have gathered up millions of votes from people who would
otherwise never vote in a presidential election as well as millions more
from both parties' traditional voters.

As a Linux Elitist of sorts (I'm still not sure what that means), I see
this as the only way out of the growing power of companies like
Microsoft, Time-Warner, Sony, et al. to manipulate both sides of the
two-party system into crushing what I hold dear.

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