[linux-elitists] "they promised me a pony!"

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer@videotron.ca
Sun Feb 6 08:45:58 PST 2005

Don Marti wrote:
> If Novell concentrated on getting its resellers fired
> up and qualified to replace all those NetWare and
> Windows NT 4.0 boxes, they'd get the UNIX customers
> along the way.  The other way around doesn't work.

I agree wholeheartedly here.  The Unix installed base is relatively 
small and definitely slow-moving, while the numbers of frustrated users 
of legacy Windows seem to be limitless and eager to move.

> Oh, and Macromedia Flash is a terrible way to reach
> the tech influentials who help families and small
> businesses make ICT buying decisions.  Elitists read
> faster than other people, but we can't watch cartoons
> faster than other people and that bugs us.

It's because they did'nt try to reach the elitists or the "tech 
influentals", but CIOs or Windows sysadmins.  These definitely have 
Flash installed, and may even enjoy it actually.

There is no point for Novell in preaching to the choir.  Plus we 
elitists are more interested in building solutions ourselves using 
[F|f]reely available tools than buying support agreements from distributors.

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