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Free software is a big deal, really. Some of the largest supporters of
free software are state companies and local governments. The reasons
are both political, since the feeling of democracy in Free software
feels right for people from a party that was founded on fighting
against a dictatorship.

But the strongest reason, I think, is financial. It is more or less a
partisan thing, but the last two administrations were somewhat
pro-FOSS, the current one being so pro-FOSS that was part of Lula's

There are a few proposals for legislation in Congress either banishing
proprietary software or giving free software preference over
proprietary software. The problem is that the legislation is not that
good. There was a round table in Porto Alegre in which geeks were
trying to tell the representative that introduced the proposed
legislation that "Absolutely no restrictions" is not what FOSS is
about. Also legislation usually take many years to be approved. I
would guess a law like that could take 10 years, and it was introduced
in 99.

> I saw today that their parliament's website
>    http://www.camara.gov.br
> has been implemented using Plone, the OSS framework we use.

Plone and zope are popular in some branches of government.


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