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(My apologies if you get this twice, I had added a few people in cc the
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in infinite wisdom Eugen Leitl spoke thus  On 12/24/2005 03:36 PM:
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> 4. IMO, FOSS.IL nee Linux Bangalore have concentrated more on the
> splash they make than the impact they have on young hackers. There is
> nothing wrong in this shock-and-awe approach. It just isn't the right
> one to foster more Open Source participation, especially in terms of
> code, from hackers in India.

I was there.

>From my perspective, the biggest draw of the FOSS.in was not the talks
themselves but the kickass Birds Of Feather and the after-event dinners
that we had.  These gave an opportunity for the people here to get to
know what problems the open source projects are facing and in which
parts they can help.  Rasmus pointed out that most people are afraid in
sending in their patches because they think that their code is useless
and will be criticized - but that should not stop anyone from sending in
their code.  I know for a fact that the dotgnu project (dotgnu.org) has
gained at least two hackers  during foss.in - and both of them got
inducted into the project not after hearing some talk, but by attending
the BoF session that one of the devs of dotgnu was holding.

I think that the best way to gain more code from free software
enthusiasts here are events like foss.in - which allow hackers to meet
face to face and talk.

> 1. Hardcore, technical topics (like Cox's or Welte's talks) tend to
> draw bigger audiences in India because of the perceived potential
> monetary outcome of knowing the skill being talked about. If one of
> the lesser known Open Source people were to speak on a non-technical,
> but important topic say, copyright term extensions, I would bet that
> the talk will draw a significantly lesser crowd.

Just out of curiosity, is this thing something peculiar to India or have
the US/AU people in the list observed the same thing in the conferences
being held at their respective country too.
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