[linux-elitists] mini-markup language?

Ben Finney ben@benfinney.id.au
Sat Aug 27 08:46:33 PDT 2005

On 25-Aug-2005, Don Marti wrote:
> What's a good lightweight markup language to actually write in?

Depends on the (foreseen) length and complexity.

I favour:

    Markdown (for really minimal markup, e.g. freeform prose or blogs)
    Now in Python flavour:

    reStructuredText (for sectioned, structured documentation)

These have the big advantage of parsing conventions that people are
accustomed to using as text markup in documents intended for direct
human consumption. In other words, the source document itself is
directly readable as a text document -- which means it's far easier to
casually edit, which means I actually do so more often.

For anything reST can't do for me, I guess I'd go for LaTeX.

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