[linux-elitists] apropos of nothing

Aaron Burt aaron@bavariati.org
Wed Aug 3 11:36:20 PDT 2005

On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 08:30:54AM -0400, Simon Perreault wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 August 2005 20:15, Modus Operandi wrote:
> >     Intuitively, I suppose that apt-get is installing a working binary,
> >     while CPAN is trying to build the Perl module from sources (and
> >     sometimes hanging up on some dependencies along the way.) But it
> >     would be nice to know for sure, instead of just guessing.
> That's right. Installing from CPAN is akin to installing some random source 
> tarball. Just say no.

Actually, the worst bit is mixing the two.  The Debian versions of the
Perl modules are mutually compatible, in general, and the Debian
package system handles their dependencies, keeps track of what's
installed and puts them in consistent locations.

Otherwise, it's possible to have two different versions of the same
module installed, with amusing consequences.

If possible, check for the module in Debian first.  Do an "apt-cache
search module-name" or even just try and install it.  The package
naming scheme is based on the CPAN module name, so for e.g.
Frontier::RPC, "apt-get install libfrontier-rpc-perl".

> We in the RPM world are blessed with cpan2rpm, which makes keeping the 
> compiled-from-source stuff to a minimum a lot easier. 

Yup, fine util, similar to dh-make-perl on the Debian/Ubuntu side.

Like most computer techie people, I'll happily spend 6 hours trying
to figure out how to do a 3 hour job in 10 minutes.
              -- Rev. James Cort, ASR

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