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Charles Mauch cmauch@taclug.org
Tue Aug 2 19:24:46 PDT 2005

Greetings from Tacoma, WA, USA, only 2,668 cars stolen last year, Modus!
On Tuesday, August 02, in the 2005th year of our Lord, you wrote:

> Since Charles didn't bother to answer, I'd presume that he's referring to 
> the my_hdr chunk of his .muttrc -- but his .signature is something else 
> entirely. There's definitely some "elite magic" at work there, where he 
> scrapes his audio player for "Now Playing" data.

My headers file can be viewed at:

And the signature generator can be viewed at:

The signature generator sucks data out of muine or amarok (depending what
I'm using).  If neither is running, it runs signify to make the script say
something cute.  I also have categories of signatures, which format
slightly differently, and each signature needs to be fed an email address.

So in my general-be-annoying mailing list config, I have the following
command in my muttrc.

set signature="~/.mutt/signature.sh geek cmauch@taclug.org|"

I do a lot of fun things with mutt actually.  Feel free to poke around.  My
mutt page is at http://charles.mauch.name/code/mutt/

Up until a few days ago I was working on a couple of mutt-related perl
projects.  The most complete is a personal procmail replacement using
Email::Filter and a couple of other perl modules.  It does things like
announce new email via festival's text to speech during biz hours, sort
email into a hiearchary, scrape emails for http links and stuff em into
firefox, etc.

Then I got distracted yesterday and now I'm working on an email statistics
module now which will generate cool graphs with gnuplot.  Or that's the
plan.  All the script does now is make error messages. :)

I also maintain the updated fork of sigtrace, which is an excellent way to
display pgp signature paths inline with gnupg signature verifications in

Take it easy, [cmauch@taclug.org]

Charles Mauch, FSF Apologist, Debian/Ubuntu/Gentoo user, etc.
Every message PGP or S/MIME signed to verify authenticity.
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