[linux-elitists] is it wrong to slam a spammer?

tek tek@pervasivenetwerks.com
Sat Sep 25 10:28:51 PDT 2004

On Sat, 25 Sep 2004 07:39:18 -0400, Etienne Goyer wrote 
> tek wrote: 
> > Ok, so at the risk of quite possibly pissing off those i haven't already 
> > off at some point before i have a question i still want to ask.   
> > Anyone have a copy of formfucker? or know of something else like it? 
> You ask about the morality of poisoning spammer's database ?  Sissy  
> ...   I thought your dilemna would involve a baseball bat or a crowbar. 
I would be quite happy with hand to hand combat, bring them out from under 
their rocks. ~ :o) 
> Seriously though, anything that attack a spammer's business model is  
> fair game with me.  I would not condone stuff like the crapflooding  
> that resulted from spammer being unmasked on Slashdot recently, for example. 
> There is, however, something flawed wrt FormFucker as it could be  
> used as a DoS.  Imagine if I knew you are a sensitive spam-hater, 
>  and wanted to fuck with a competitor.  I'll forge a spam in his  
> name, and let YOU do the job of fucking with him. 
I am aware of that possibility and have though about it. I am also in a unusual 
position of taking care of about 70 companies IT needs so i can get corrolated 
reports from them. i would only wish to do this with the most serious 
offenders. i also would let my customers know about what i am doing since 
there is a huge element of trust between us that i am responsible for 
protecting. I can not think of one of them though who would have any issues 
with this either. 
> A better approach, IMHO, seem to be tarpitting.  It is almost  
> impossible to hurt an innocent bystander with this scheme, and you  
> attack spammer's operation directly.  Coupled with aggressive  
> seeding of fake email in spammer list, this have the potential to be  
> a real annoyance to those slime. 
Then you are ddosing yourself, i have done it and watched mail not get 
delivered. I could however do that from another non-critical machine to get the 
desired effect. Lately spammers have been getting their lists from non-typical 
resources, i have noticed emails (mortagage refinance schemes) with my actual 
address, name and phone number in them which means they are gathering some 
kind of business listings to get their lists. This is new behavior in some respect. 
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