[linux-elitists] is it wrong to slam a spammer?

tek tek@pervasivenetwerks.com
Fri Sep 24 23:02:24 PDT 2004

Even with militant rbl's and every other damn filter and classifier i know of i'm 
still getting spammed, used to be 5 a week now its 40 a day. I would like to 
reach and beat the f!*k out of a few of these asshats, but since that isn't 
possible i'm left looking for other options.  
Ok, so at the risk of quite possibly pissing off those i haven't already pissed 
off at some point before i have a question i still want to ask.  
Anyone have a copy of formfucker? or know of something else like it? 
A looong while back on nanae i heard someone mention an app called 
formfucker, basically it poisons spammers databases on their lead sites. you 
know, "come and fill out a quick 1 page questionaire and someone will get back 
to you." 
You point this app/formfucker at their lead page and it fills it in with real 
looking yet sudo random data, all of the address's and zipcodes are correct for 
the cities written in but all fake data. I have a few really pesky spammers i 
would love to spend a day or two with, figuring i can come at them from 
about 80 ip's from all over the web they would end up with a totally useless 
Im sure there are a few on this list that this whole concept completely offends 
them, sorry about that. My thinking is this, you can only hurt these guys two 
ways, the bandwidth cost of their hosting site or the "goods they are trying to 
hawk".  while one person isn't able to suck them dry for bandwidth one person 
can poison their leads. Many of these losers are trying to sell the leads, to 
unsuspecting companies who apparently are not asking how they are generated. 
Well poisoning the list is about the easiest way to put them out of business. It 
guarantee's no repeat business, it turns them into the car dealer who only sells 
really bad lemons, If they think its ok to send a hundred million emails why not 
give him some bad leads for all his troubles? 
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