[linux-elitists] Elitist IM

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer@videotron.ca
Mon Sep 6 18:50:33 PDT 2004

Greeting fellows,

I never saw the need for IM before, before we (my LUG) are organising an 
event and the mailing list just don't keep up.  We need a faster, more 
reactive communication channel.  Phone is out of question (sooooo 20th 
century !).  IRC may do it, but I find it somewhat distracting as I may 
not be interested in every conversation, and I always forget my X-Chat 
window in the background anyway.  Really, this look like a job for IM.

Now, I would never be caught dead using one of the "cute" service such 
as ICQ, and I don't want to condone the protocol war that seem to be 
going on with AOL and MSN.  The only option seem to be running my own 
Jabber server.  I am not opposed to that, except I could do without the 
installation hassle and baby sitting that ensue.

So, what do you guys use ?  Good ol'IRC, one of the big three (AOL, MSN, 
ICQ), your own Jabber network, something else entirely ?

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