[linux-elitists] advice needed Microsoft/Turkey is anti Mozilla (but pro-Dillo!)

Bulent Murtezaoglu bm@acm.org
Tue Oct 19 19:03:20 PDT 2004

>>>>> "TEN" == Teh Entar-Nick <nick@teh.entar.net> writes:
    TEN> 	The for-money response was because you basically
    TEN> responded with a request that I meet a set of requirements
    TEN> you laid out.

Point taken.  (I understood that actually, that's prolly why I should
apologize for the fun. )  But those are the requirements that gave
rise to the flash decision that you attempted to put down.  

    TEN> 	I just went back and watched the swf with the GPL'd
    TEN> player.  It actually plays mostly okay (there are some redraw
    TEN> errors and offsets for some of the objects are off, but the
    TEN> point is communicated).

Yeah it plays perfectly in the non-free player.  Which I actually got
and installed for this purpose.  

    TEN> 	I just about gave up on the GPL flash player because
    TEN> the only people who actually make SWF files that will play
    TEN> properly in it are advertisers.

I hate dilike flash on web pages.  There are few legitimate uses for
it outside of advertising.  Especially with the macromedia plug-in
there's no easy way to say 'ok never animate unless I tell you to.'
So it I see it as theft of CPU cyles.  



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