[linux-elitists] Boies to appear on Terry Gross's "Fresh Air" Tues 12 Oct.

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Tue Oct 12 00:19:27 PDT 2004

Currently listed on the Fresh Air website:

    Attorney David Boies talks about arguing high profile cases
    including Bush v. Gore and the anti-trust case against Microsoft.
    His new memoir is called Courting


Fresh Air isn't a call-in or audience participation show, but it might
help guide questioning if Terry and her staff were aware of some of the
recent controversy surrounding Boies as he does former oponent
Microsoft's dirty work for them in the Caldera/SCO case.

Particularly of note is the exceptionally poor quality of legal work
evidenced by his firm in the case (Mark Heise's notorious "preempted by
Federal law" comments on the GPL), and being largely routed by a
paralegal and group of (mostly) amateurs at Groklaw.

Boies fought (and perhaps fortunately for the present case, mostly lost)
several significant battles.  He faces the prospect, as Bill Maher put
it of a certain former SoCal football player and Hertz spokesmurder,
"that sometimes a lifetime of achievement can sort of be overshadowed by
making just one mistake".


Might be interesting to see a hard question or two in the hour.


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