[linux-elitists] Free FPGA software on Linux

Jim Thompson jim@netgate.com
Wed Oct 6 16:02:22 PDT 2004

Brian Danger Hicks wrote:
> I've been thinking about getting into some hobbyist-type stuff with
> FPGAs, and there seem to be all sorts of low-cost development boards
> around now, and all the major players seem to be offering a
> free-as-in-beer versions of their development suites.  But even though
> these companies offer Linux support in their full versions (which cost
> thousands of dollars) all of their free versions are windows-only.
> So, the question then is what can I do to get FPGA development from HDL
> to downloading on Linux?  Obviously I'd prefer open-source, but simply
> being able to do all that stuff on without breaking the bank would
> be acceptable.

JHDL, supports Xilinx 4K, Virtex, and Virtex II series devices.

There is also HDLmaker from Polybus:

You could also poke around OpenCores.org

esp OpenTech:

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