[linux-elitists] GNOME still > you

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Sun Oct 10 15:54:11 PDT 2004

<quote who="Matthew W. Miller">

> >Ah, you lovable cad!  You forgot to explain EXACTLY WHICH MICROFEATURE
> >of Windowmaker you absolutely CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT!
> Not that I expect anyone to actually care, but since you asked so
> nicely, I'll obligingly bore you with tears with this list:
> - non-stupid button layout on window title bars

Changeable in metacity (though not exposed in the user interface).

> - not having to dork around with font-config

Whoa, you don't like fontconfig? Or do you mean "dork around with
configuring fonts"?

> - snapping windows up against workspace edges/each other

Hold shift in metacity.

- Jeff

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