[linux-elitists] GNOME still > you

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Sun Oct 10 15:21:21 PDT 2004

begin  Tim Hammerquist  quotation:
> I just wanna catch up real quick... is Gentoo still unc00l?
> I can never keep up on these fads.

	Now you're just trolling for the funroll-loops.org URL.  That
is so uncool.

	Gentoo has the capacity to rock hard.  I love source-based
distros, and I even work on one when the rest of the team is into it
(LNX-BBC).  I'm just glad I don't actually have to run one.

> Tim <"if-I-have-Portage-on-OSX-is-it-still-DONGZ?"> Hammerquist


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