[linux-elitists] GNOME still > you

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Sun Oct 10 11:18:02 PDT 2004

begin  J C Lawrence  quotation:
> I've yet to see value add in any of the desktop environments.  

	Did you just say "value add"?  Are you now going to tell us
your mission statement?  Do we get MARKETING COLLATERAL for the down
payment on your opinion now?

> They're still enamoured of a variety of atrocious UI decision
> decisions like icons and taskbars and do a very poor job of both
> getting out of the way and allowing the capable user to accurately
> control their operation and get the job done.

	And I say to you that Ubuntu's 2.8 gnome install gets the hell
out of my way.  There are no icons on the desktop, and the taskbars
are invisible when you map M-C-A to the full-screen
no-window-dressings maximize toggle.  I have a large 2-D grid of
workspaces, and keep applications maximized, navigating from workspace
to workspace using C-M-<nethack movement key>.

	And occasionally, when I get to an empty workspace, I'll bang
on one of the toolbar shortcuts to launch a program, or eye bubblemon,
or the wifi or battery status apps.  It's all good stuff.

>   Trivial examples of the latter: A galeon user with a text editor wants
>   the tabs in Galeon to be displayed along the RHS of the window instead
>   of the along the top.  How does he find out what control file to edit
>   and what does he do to it?  Heck, I do have my tabs on the right and
>   have preserved that setting via having $HOME under source control, but
>   Gnome has moved that setting about enough that I've no idea where or
>   how it is currently stored.  

	You have won the pool.  On IRC, I noted that after posting
another (gasp!) pro-gnome message, that SOMEONE...

    14:42 <@CrackMonkey> will come in with OH YEAH BUT THEY STILL HAVEN'T

I predicted Karsten, but eh.

	The GNOME way to solve this problem is simple.  You drag the
tab bar to one side and the setting just sticks.  Trivial UI solution
to a really weenie problem.

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