[linux-elitists] Shipit...

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Sun Nov 28 11:43:24 PST 2004

begin  Etienne Goyer  quotation:
> Greg Folkert wrote:
> >Yes. Many actually preferred the interface vs. the Windows
> >ad-infinitum. 
> Not very surprisising when you compare the Ubuntu default Chocolate
> theme with XP's Luna.  Or even Classic.

	Yeah, but don't let this get out.  If they figure out that
candy-cane crayola color schemes aren't the best for legibility or
professionalism, they'll fix it.  

	When I was working a summer job at an insurance company as a
teen, one guy had changed all his OS/2 colors to red, blue, and yellow
on yellow, red, or blue.  I had to help a guy fix it to maroons and
browns so that he could "get work done".  I know how I'd help change
the colors nowadays...

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