[linux-elitists] Ubuntu nipples [Was: Mozilla/Firefox issues rant]

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Sat Nov 27 18:03:30 PST 2004

begin  Modus Operandi  quotation:
> > begin  Jeff Weff  quotation:
> > > Yeah, apt-get install epiphany-extensions.
> "Bonobo couldn't locate the GNOME_Epiphany_Automation.server file.
> You can use bonobo-activation-sysconf to configure the search path
> for bonobo server files."

	Okay, I hate to ask this, but:

		Is that on warty or hoary?

A: No.                                                    Nick Moffitt
Q: Should I put my reply above quoted text?         nick@teh.entar.net

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