[linux-elitists] Ubuntu nipples [Was: Mozilla/Firefox issues rant]

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Wed Nov 24 20:30:28 PST 2004

begin  Jeff Weff  quotation:
> <quote who="Teh Entar-Nick">
> > 	Epiphany has extensions? 
> Yeah, apt-get install epiphany-extensions.

The following extra packages will be installed:

	For some reason this made me giggle.  No other browser needed
this, and epiphany sans-extension didn't need this.  But suddenly now,
some little plugin thingummy needs the xhtml DTD!!

> > Epiphany on this system still only has the all-or-nothing cookie
> > option, and I want to be able to screen them on a per-site basis.
> I think that's one of the extensions-in-development.

	Any luck on the "accept cookies only when submitting a form"
idea?  That's really the only time I ever accept one.  When I follow a
link, I just want to drop the cookie on the floor.  But when I hit a
button, I sometimes want to keep those.

> > Also, my galeon instance has a lot of well-trained behaviors that
> > it'd be too irritating to re-enter into another browser.  Like all
> > those non-essential passwords to stupid sites that don't hold
> > enough actual per-user info to make the damn thing worthwhile.
> Yeah. Grr.

	Looking over my list of passwords that I can't be arsed to
remember, almost all of the recent ones are for wikis.  Go figure.

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