[linux-elitists] Ubuntu nipples [Was: Mozilla/Firefox issues rant]

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Wed Nov 24 20:08:06 PST 2004

begin  Jeff Weff  quotation:
> <quote who="Teh Entar-Nick">
> > Also, I'd like to thank Jdub personally for helping get
> > high-quality nipple images into my postal mailbox.  But why aren't
> > they more pants off?
> So I used to work for a cook book shop, mail order house and
> distributor.  There is this great book called The Cake Bible. We
> never got a copy of that through Saudi Arabian postal customs. Ever.

	I also like how, to show the increidble diversity present in
Africa, 2/3 of the models are white.  It's so touching.

> Meanwhile, *you're* still using Galeon, too? What are you still
> missing in Epiphany (plus extensions) or Firefox?

	Epiphany has extensions? 

	I dunno, I'm still using debian testing on this T20 that won't
recharge its batteries and sometimes doesn't boot after it's been off
for a while.  Epiphany on this system still only has the
all-or-nothing cookie option, and I want to be able to screen them on
a per-site basis.

	I keep poking at firefox, and it never seems like a big enough
deal for me to switch.  I'd just end up loading plugins to make it
more like galeon anyway.  

	Most of my gripes are finger-memory things, like I still hit
Alt-# instead of Ctrl-# to go to a particular tab, and I use Alt-R to
reject a cookie instead of Alt-D to Deny the site the privilege of
sending me a cookie.  Both are a big improvement over the "pop up
window happens while you're entering a command at a shell and suddenly
hitting return means 'OK please brand me with your scarlet letters'"
crap that they all used to do.  

	Also, my galeon instance has a lot of well-trained behaviors
that it'd be too irritating to re-enter into another browser.  Like
all those non-essential passwords to stupid sites that don't hold
enough actual per-user info to make the damn thing worthwhile.

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