[linux-elitists] Gentoo Linux Releases 2004.3 (fwd from brian-slashdotnews@hyperreal.org)

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer@videotron.ca
Tue Nov 16 08:50:35 PST 2004

Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:
> On November 15, 2004 08:24 pm, Etienne Goyer wrote:
>>>And, as Gentoo has a "no installer for us, you wimp" type install, it
>>>does fall into the "elitists" category for just getting the box up and
>>>running properly :)
>>It's well-known : typing command verbatim from an HOWTO and watching
>>stuff scroll by for hours make you an elitist, on the spot !
> AMEN BROTHER... this is the single biggest beef I have with all the ricer boys 
> who run Gentoo and think they're getting "closer to the metal" -- hell even 
> the LFS crowd is guilty of this...  Now if you're actually understanding 
> what's going on that's one thing... but copy and pasting from a HOWTO ... may 
> as well admit you haven't got the mad skills and install FC3 like everyone 
> else.

Then, you would read funroll-loops.org like the Gospel, brother !

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