[linux-elitists] Gentoo Linux Releases 2004.3 (fwd from brian-slashdotnews@hyperreal.org)

Martin Pool mbp@sourcefrog.net
Mon Nov 15 21:19:29 PST 2004

On 15 Nov 2004, Greg KH <greg@kroah.com> wrote:

> In short, to build a package for (as an example) udev, you would do:
> 	emerge --buildpkg udev
> then take the package in /usr/portage/All/ with the udev name (like
> udev-043.tbz2) and copy it to another box.  Then do:
> 	emerge udev-043.tbz2

Does this incorporate the kind of dependency/versioning information
that's present in an rpm or dpkg?  If I try to install it on an
incompatible box will I get some kind of warning?


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