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Posted by: samzenpus, on 2004-11-11 05:00:00

   from the it's-good-to-be-wanted dept.
   [1]whydoyouask writes "Information week has an article on the shortage
   of [2]expertise for enterprise open source projects and it's
   ramifications for both enterprises and salaries for those possessed of
   these skill. While it is suspicious in it's timing and references to
   Ballmer's recent email it does point out some definite considerations
   that companies planning open source projects better account for. Those
   looking for marketable job skills might also take note."

   [3]Click Here 


   1. mailto:terryw@rolandus.com
   2. http://informationweek.linuxpipeline.com/52600065
   3. http://ads.osdn.com/?ad_id=5658&alloc_id=12308&site_id=1&request_id=2688782&op=click&page=%2farticle%2epl

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