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Martijn Dekkers martijn@dekkers.org.uk
Wed Nov 10 23:47:48 PST 2004

On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 18:46:20 -0600, "David Jackson"
<atari_x@bellsouth.net> said:
> Martijn Dekkers wrote:
> >>I have a 
> >>webserver that runs Fedora Core 3, and it is pretty much an "out of the 
> >>box" CD install with nothing special done to it, aside from configuring 
> >>Apache with Webmin.
> >
> >A production webserver running Webmin. Right....
> Just because you CAN make something complicated, doesn't mean that you 
> have to make it complicated.
> Oh, I'm sorry, I might offend your uber-geek holier-than-thou
> sensibilities.

Not at all - I use webmin all the time, everywhere -- except on
production machines. I build and test the config on a testbox, using
webmin, and move the config over to the production box. I am neither
holy, nor uber geek - faced with a command line I usually break out in a
cold sweat, and my staff frequently, publicly and most of all loudly
derides me for not going anywhere near a command line without midnight
commander closeby. And if further proof of decidedly non-geekiness is
required: I exclusively use KDE instead of GNOME (or *box for that
matter) as I like the pretty eye candy.
> >> I have a mail server that runs Red Hat, and it is 
> >>minimally configured as well.   I used to run Fedora Core 3 on my main 
> >>machine, until I switched to Gentoo (for higher performance), and the 
> >>only thing I ever had to do with it was install the Nvidia drivers.
> >
> >I was taking you seriously until you mentioned that you moved to Gentoo
> >for higher performance.
> Well, that's comforting, because I never really took you seriously in 
> the first place.

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