[linux-elitists] Multisync, Evolution 2, Bluetooth, oh my!

Peter Whysall peter@whysall.net
Tue Nov 9 04:47:46 PST 2004

Executive Summary:

Is it possible to synchronize a Bluetooth phone that supports all the
usual IRMC/OBEX doin's with Evolution 2.0?

Long-winded Bit:

I have the device working with the Bluetooth stack and the nifty Gnome
Bluetooth stack file transfer thing.

My first line of enquiry was Multisync. While this looks initially like
it's the mutt's nuts, one rapidly discovers that it's in stasis right
now and that the latest version of Evolution supported by the plugin is
1.4; the next realisation is that the Bluetooth IRMC plugin won't
compile on my unstable/experimental box.

I see mutterings on the webbernet about SuSE 9.2 shipping with Bluetooth
synchronisation between Evolution 2 and Bluetooth devices, but have as
yet been unable to divine what mechanism is used for this.

Or maybe I just dreamt that. I dunno. This Bluetooth and synchronisation
thing is all new to me.

I'd be appreciative of any clues on this subject.



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