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Should be the last forward from that thread.

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Venkatesh Hariharan wrote:
>My reply to Abhijit's points are below his post:
>>Abhijit Menon-Sen wrote [ at 03:37 PM 11/9/2004 ]:
>>>But Indian students aren't making use of this resource. Although some of
>>>them do appear on lists once in a while, they do so in a way that almost
>>>guarantees that nobody takes them seriously (and I'm not referring only
>>>to the language here). As a result, they implement the same, boring old
>>>toy filesystem and graphics editor projects that nobody will use; and
>>>they do so in a void that keeps them from learning anything useful about
>>>"real" software development.
>>>If only they were pointed in the right direction from the start...
>I agree with Abhijit. Over the last four-five years, what I have seen is
>the same bunch of boring projects being done by final year engineering
>students. These are completely divorced from reality and have a
>snowflake's chance in hell of being useful in real life. Every year,
>India produces around 300,000 engineering students through 1,400
>engineering colleges and if even a fraction of them can be converted to
>OSS, they can have a large global impact. 
>One modest step that we at Red Hat took was to launch the Red Hat
>Scholarships to launch the Red Hat Scholarships in collaboration with
>IIT Bombay (see http://www.in.redhat.com/community/rhscholarship.php) to
>encourage OSS development among engineering and MCA students. Around
>2000+ students applied and the final number was whittled down to around
>290 proposals for OSS projects. The details of these projects will be
>available on the IITB web site soon. We want this to be an annual event
>and if anyone has suggestions/ideas for the Red Hat Scholarships, I
>would be most happy to hear them because we want to leverage this
>program to increase India's contribution to the global OSS community. 

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the Red Hat Scholarship program just asks 
students to make the same divorced-from-reality projects and then host 
them on sf.net.

Big Deal.

Adding a major feature to an existing project ought to be a valid option 
as a project submission.

I hate to say it, but Novell has got it right this time. They offer 
incentives to contribute to real projects like gnome, and oo.o.

-- b

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