[linux-elitists] heidelberg

Mike MacCana mmaccana@redhat.com
Mon Nov 8 18:33:36 PST 2004

Jeff Waugh wrote:

><quote who="Mike MacCana">
>>No, you can just download the boot ISO and do a network install.
>That requires a network to get a sane, basic system going, which is fine in
>some circumstances, but not all.
True. But you said you *had to* download all the discs, which isn't correct.

You can install a minimal server with just the first two discs.

The reason the first disc isn't full is because it can be added to and 
replaced: RHEL 3 Update 1 simply replaced the first RHEL 3 disc. You got 
a whole bunch of new drivers build into the installer you boot off 
(kinda important for FC, SCSI, and SATA drivers) and the latest errata 
on the first CD.

Jeff, I'm a little dissappointed: I was hoping to chat with a cool guy 
who does interesting stuff you about the similar major attributes of the 
distributions, rather than get into a pissing contest about how many 
disks are required. If, however, you'd prefer to troll here, I'll 
suggest that perhaps Ubuntu might like to adopt the above feature. :^)



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