[linux-elitists] heidelberg

Mike MacCana mmaccana@redhat.com
Mon Nov 8 16:20:54 PST 2004

Chuck Vose wrote:

>Deb has it's nice things, but it's really outdated. I'm surprised that
>Deb doesn't use a 2.2 just to make double sure that their "testing"
>repos are stable. Fedora is the first distro I've used that has just
>worked (that's why I use Deb, when things work the first time around I
>have nothing to play with).
For all the 31337ist bitching, about Debian versus the Capitalist Scum 
from folk who used Red Hat 5.2 and found it compares unfavorably to 
Debian Testing, Fedora and Ubuntu (which, in a couple of years time, 
will likely be more popular than Debian 'proper') in my opinion seem to 
be moving in the same direction...

- Open Source software only, much of which is developed by people whose 
rest is paid by commercial organizations.
- Time, rather than feature, based releases
- A relatively small range of software by default with more available 
from other repositories
- Simple installs, readable boot messages, Gnome as the main desktop.

This is unique amongst Suse / Novell / JDS,  Slackware, and Debian. And 
it works really well for the both of them.



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