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Eugen Leitl eugen@leitl.org
Wed Nov 3 02:34:58 PST 2004

On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 02:27:30PM +1100, Mike MacCana wrote:

> Which can include HT, as [1] much [2] as [3] it can [4] include [5] shit 
> [6] footnotes [6] (in practice, actually a little more, as meatware 
> parsers prefer HT to the latter, which is my point).

I agree with you that footnotes are a stupid idear. Especially if the URLs
are nice and short, and don't disrupt the flow of text. 
> Yes. And every maintained MUA doubles as a hypertext browser. If you 

Sorry, this system is insufficiently hardened to survive parsing rich
content and insufficiently beefy to use a MUA written in a safe language
(nevermind that there is no such usable MUA). I also fail to see the 
point of using a plain text browser, if I can invoke an external instance 
of whatever browser is at hand (assuming, my current environment does 
have a browser, which is sometimes true). 

> have a complex document that needs hypertext, as I'd suggest this one 

A "complex document" that "needs hypertext"? That red headgear of yours seems
to impact your cognition. I've also seen it with ximian folks. Documents with
pictures and semantic info is good for markup. It's rude to send stuff
riddled with binary blobs, but I usually bounce that stuff to a webmail
account, and read it there. But, usually, just saving a copy in a web-visible
directory and posting the URL is enough. 

> does, and your MUA doesn't support hypertext, save it and read it. Or 
> get better software (part of being elitist is having high standards, you 

"Your mailer doesn't support HTML. Get a better mailer" -- some spammer 

Better for *whom*? So I have to build elaborate jails, just to be able to
run a program, that pretends to be a document? Fuck that shit. Life's too
short already.

> Please explain - do you mean hypertext as in hypertext (which leaves me 
> baffled - HTML includes support hypertext references) or HTTP (which is 
> irrelevant)?
> Summary: the meatware should use the format appropriate for the content, 

The meatware is not a homogenous blob. Some prefer to point and drool, some
prefer to type. 

> most software is capable of supporting that. That the document looks as 
> if it was converted back from HTML to text and its on screen appearance 

It was exactly that. It takes braindead screen-scraping to route around the
damage that is a website which attempts to occupy the niche of a text-only
push newsticker. Nowadays there are RSS2mail aggregators, I should set up one
of them.

> suggests HTML would have been a better job for the task, despite the 
> Angry Bearded People.

Not every computer user is keyboard-'tarded. (And not everyone is sporting a
BIB. Nor flares, and bushy moustaches).

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