[linux-elitists] Using appropriate tools for presenting information

Mike MacCana mmaccana@redhat.com
Tue Nov 2 20:15:49 PST 2004

Mike MacCana wrote:

> Rick Moen wrote:
>> Would you be willing to use some regex-matchable marker for future
>> occasions when you run through this ritualised discussion yet again, or
>> are less-precise removal methods necessary in this case?  (I'm pretty
>> sure this is about your fourth or fifth iteration.)
> This is the second time I've been involved in educating someone on 
> this topic.

To be more precise:

The first time it was a matter of comparing one assumption about users 
ability to display mail (that users display their mail in an 80 
character wide terminal using a monospaced font) with another (that 
their MUA is HTML aware). I think most Bearded Ones are out of touch 
with the real world on this one (though it's unfashionable to say so 
here, Sys Admins are employed to help users, and communicating with them 
kinda helps).

This time it's about how sometimes (say, if your document involves a 
whole bunch of links [or tables]) using HTML is the right choice.


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