[linux-elitists] how many Linux programmers are out there

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Sun May 30 06:09:22 PDT 2004

On 30 May 2004, "Karsten M. Self" <kmself@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

> I was looking at some web stats reporting which shows GNU/Linux as ~2-3%
> of all hits.  A value I suspect is underreporting as GNU/Linux users may
> be more inclined to obscure OS information on browsers for either
> privacy or functionality reasons (e.g.:  browser exclusion by websites).
> The "undetermined" range typically ranges from 2-5% in such reports, so
> I'd put usage at ~3-8%.

I think Linux is still skewed towards server systems, where people are
less likely to run their browsers, so a bit more underreporting.

> > Has anyone estimated the number of programmers Linux has vs.
> > non-Linux? 
> Hell.  A total "programmer" count would be of interest.  That's a hard
> thing to pin down.  In large part because a lot of de facto programmres
> don't consider themselves same.

One can also approach from the other direction: what fraction of all
programmers have used Linux?  Perhaps only a few percent use it as
their main platform.  But it seems like a large fraction of
programmers who mostly use Windows have at least tried out or played
with Linux, or have it installed on a spare box.

Other questions I can't reliably answer: What fraction of university
CS/EE graduates have used Linux?  What fraction of programmers working
for Microsoft have Linux installed at home?

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