[linux-elitists] how many Linux programmers are out there

J. Paul Reed preed@sigkill.com
Sat May 29 17:12:20 PDT 2004

Let's resend this, 'cause I can never remember the damn Reply-To rules on

On 30 May 2004 at 01:51:29, wuonm arranged the bits on my disk to say:

> This morning in my school (yes, I'm diversifying with an MBA) the prof
> was talking about standards and of course Linux come into the picture.
> She said that there is about 100 millions Linux programmers (I presume
> she included also users) in the world.  I didn't correct her because I
> didn't know a better answer.  Later on I googled for it but didn't found
> a convincing answer.

The problem inherent in your question (and your professor's probably-bogus
statistic) is one of definitions, namely what the hell is a "Linux

If you're talking about kernel hackers, I'd say there have been less than
2,000 or so.


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