[linux-elitists] Open Content, again

Ben Finney ben@benfinney.id.au
Fri May 21 23:39:46 PDT 2004

On 21-May-2004, Mister Bad wrote:
> It's "OFLACC" -- Open/Free/Libre Art/Content/Culture. I realize to be
> really cool it should be "Open/Free Art/Content/Culture Libre", but
> "o-fack-uhl" doesn't sound as good as "oh-flack". 


It's yet another acronym which it's unclear how to pronounce.

It gives the impression that you can't decide what words to choose, so
you'll jam a whole lot in there and hope they fit.

It is quite unlcear how the words relate to each other (gramatically or

(most important, for any acronym you actually want people to use)
Its expansion is not a phrase, just a mess of words that nobody would
actually say together in a row.

Why "Open/Free/Libre"?  If you're going to put "Libre" in there, why do
you also need "Open" and "Free"?  Contra, if you want to be discussing
freedom (presumably you do, with the "Libre" word), why not just use
"Free" as the adjective and start the discussion?

Why "Art/Content/Culture"?  If there isn't a single word that means the
noun you want, you're hardly going to get there with a slash-separated
jumble.  Pick one, or make a new phrase; "Art/Content/Culture" is not a

Separating words with slashes can be made to work in text (though I
don't think it does here).

It's doomed in speech; words in series, in the English language, have a
grammatical effect on each other, which is counter to your intent if I
read the intention correctly.  Hence, this is useless for something that
(English-speaking) people can actually say.

Yes, this holds true for "GNU/Linux".  Try saying that as two words
without somehow giving the impression that you mean "the GNU version of
Linux" or some such.  The meaning "GNU on Linux" or "GNU plus Linux"
must be expressly spoken if it's to be received as such -- and I
frequently do.  The phrase is short enough -- barely -- that it survives
that way.

Or are you proposing we speak this new phrase with all the slashes

> And, yes, it's a copy of "FLOSS". Kinda. "FLOSS" is funny, dismissive
> of differences, and catchy at the same time.

It's hideous for most of the above reasons.

> Anyways, please help me distribute this meme everywhere in the
> universe.

Nope.  I prefer a simple phrase that can actually come out of people's
mouths without grammatical contortions.  ("Free Culture" is one I've
been using, but I'm open to improvements.)

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