[linux-elitists] Two on RFID from Politech: Hack the tech, & Gilmore's dystopia

Donnie Barnes djb@donniebarnes.com
Mon May 10 18:59:26 PDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 21:12, Teh Entar-Nick wrote:
> 	If you're hoping for privacy with an automobile, then you have
> already lost.  Why bother complaining about RFID tires when you're
> already tracked by license plate and tollway pass, and drivers license
> databases are swapped around like trading cards?  

License plates don't (yet) transmit data electronically (but boy, a
license-plate-seeking-missle would be cool).  I live in a sane part of
the country (ie. no toll roads, and at last check you can still pay
those with cash anyway).  Drivers licenses don't (yet) transmit data

This is all about tracking.  I don't have to flash my license to enter
and exit an expressway, nor is anything but redlight and speeding
cameras shooting my license plate (and they don't *yet* exist en masse
enough to track me with much resolution anyway).

Another semi-related item that *should* also bother people is that ODB
computers on cars are beginning to *store* data (for something like the
previous 72 hours).  So you hit someone in an accident and they sue you
and subpoena the data from your car only to find you were driving 56 in
a 55 zone when you hit them.  Or that at some point in the last 72 hours
you were doing 90MPH.

Of course, the answer to that is to only drive pre-OBD cars.  I'm not so
worried about that, personally, since I don't plan on hitting anyone. 
But it's out there...

I don't know.  The philosophical implications are there, but the reality
is that in my lifetime I've never known a government organized enough to
even be *able* to pull off the kind of Big Brother activity that people
are worried about.  Doesn't mean the the beast can't organize itself,
but it just doesn't seem likely.  Maybe they are lulling me to sleep
with that myth just to get me to submi...


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