[linux-elitists] Two on RFID from Politech: Hack the tech, & Gilmore's dystopia

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Mon May 10 18:12:08 PDT 2004

begin  Donnie Barnes  quotation:
[swapping RFID devices]
> I mean, if these devices are embedded in our tires then we have to
> trade *tires* to swap them around.  Not something people are likely
> to do.  Of course, we can choose to not buy those tires.  At least
> until all tires have them.  

	If you're hoping for privacy with an automobile, then you have
already lost.  Why bother complaining about RFID tires when you're
already tracked by license plate and tollway pass, and drivers license
databases are swapped around like trading cards?  

So are you an honest-to-cripes Atkins dieter with the        Nick Moffitt
little urine test strips and the blood analysis and the     nick@zork.net
"better living through diabetes" rhetoric, or are you
just some ranchero wannabe who hates salads?

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