[linux-elitists] The First-Ever Installfest in Egypt (fwd from brian-slashdotnews@hyperreal.org)

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Mon May 3 22:35:27 PDT 2004

<quote who="Jeff Kinz">

> Ja, JDS (Or "Linux" as we know it :) ) is a pure Linux play from SUN and 
> its the first real move that shows SUN may be on the path to
> re-inventing itself, which it desperately needs to do.  SUN-Linux (or
> "JDS" as SUN knows it.. ) has been out for a while and seems very
> aggresively priced:

JDS and Sun Linux are actually different. JDS is a ripped-apart and rebadged
SuSE, Sun Linux was a Red Hat based 'enterprise' distro. They are shipping
RHEL and SuSE for their low-range server boxes. It's hard to tell just yet
if they'll go the IBM route or do their own thing.

- Jeff

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