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List's been comatose, so I'm just posting a few random snippets.

Fedora Core 2 test 3 <http://torrent.dulug.duke.edu/> is a genuine
improvement in end user usability. The 2.6.x kernel produces a much superior
GUI response. Resolution resizing in X doesn't require restarting the server.
Lots of other goodies, too, but those are more under the hood.

Have been attending a road show (Sun dual Opteron servers, Java Desktop
System) today. I still don't understand what Sun's story on Linux is. They
must know it's eating them alive both at the low end and at the clustering

Is Sun confused? Or are they just faking it? Anyone knows?

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Posted by: timothy, on 2004-05-03 07:14:00
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   from the pent-up-demand dept.
   [1]MadFarmAnimalz writes "On the first of May, the [2]Egyptian LUG had
   the first ever Linux [3]Installfest (check out the photos and for
   Pete's sake mirror them!) at the [4]Sawy Cultural Center in downtown
   Cairo. Turnout was absolutely incredible; the hall was maxed out at
   something between 500 and 1,000 persons for 7 solid hours (not bad
   considering our geurrilla marketing campaign can't have cost more than
   7 or 8 dollars), and we were absolutely swamped!" Read on below for
   more details.

   "The atmosphere was just unbelievable; people who had had linux
   installed realised the LUGgers were overwhelmed and stayed on helping
   other people with installs, we couldn't burn CDs fast enough, several
   thousand educational pamphlets were not enough by a wide margin. We
   were expecting maybe 150 or 200 people throughout the day, but we had
   already reached that number by 9:45 a.m. (15 minutes before opening!).
   To the best of our knowledge, the most successful LUG-driven event in
   the middle-east, certainly the biggest, and one hell of a day that
   we'll all remember. Note that we are now looking at the possibility of
   another Installfest during summer at the [5]Bibliotecha Alexandrina
   and would [6]welcome any extra resources. (A big thanks to
   MadFarmAnimalz' family who served the volunteers sandwiches carefully
   wrapped in copies of the GPL preamble and the deCSS code)"


   1. mailto:MadFarmAnimalz@[%20]ealbox.com%20['myr'%20in%20gap]
   2. http://www.linux-egypt.org/
   3. http://linux-egypt.manalaa.net/files/big10
   4. http://www.culturewheel.com/
   5. http://www.bibalex.gov.eg/
   6. mailto:alaa@linux-egypt.org

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