[linux-elitists] preloads, patents, and due diligence

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed Mar 24 12:30:03 PST 2004

Now IBM Linux preloads are back on.


No more of the awkward "these pipes sold for your
enjoyment of fine tobaccos only" situation that had
been in effect around there.

Possible explanations...

1. We did due diligence and both SuSE and Red Hat are
patent-infringement-free.  Yep.  Clean as a whistle,
by cracky.

3. So what if (just for example) some GNOME widget
infringes a GUI patent from Cupertino?  We have enough
more patents than anyone else that if you do sue us,
we'll sue you for infringing some of ours, and the end
result will be a cross-license agreement that gives
you a license to some of our patents in exchange for
making yours available to any GPL-licensed software.
So bring it on.

2. Any halfway-decent lawyer would be able to snag us
for contributory or vicarious infringement whether
we preload or not, so we might as well not give Red
Hat and SuSE our customers' contact info.

Don Marti
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