[linux-elitists] Free Culture

Mister Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Sat Mar 20 12:18:15 PST 2004

>>>>> "TRoZ" == The Robber of Zork <robber@zork.net> writes:

    Me> Like I said: I guess I'll read his argument in 2032 and see
    Me> for myself.

    TRoZ> No you won't. You'll freeload off of someone who _pays_ for
    TRoZ> it.

Well, as pleasant as it is to exercise one's rights of first sale,
it'd be nicer to breathe the healthy clean air of Freedom.

I'm no longer particularly hopeful about the Founders' Copyright. The
whole thing seems to have been forgotten the day after the press
release went out. There's supposed to be some kind of "online
registry" and all kinds of stuff, and none of it seems to have

    TRoZ> C'mon, dig deep. God loves a cheerful giver. Cough up the
    TRoZ> dough. Be a sport!

I'm already making donations!


Free Culture: the gift that keeps on giving.

~Mr. Bad

P.S. Now my goal is to have an entirely Free system. I want to use an
OpenRISC 1200 to run GNU/Linux so I can read (and print) Free books
and listen to Free music and watch Free movies. What a pleasure.

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