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Fri Mar 19 13:12:34 PST 2004

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>>>>> "MP" == Mikael Pawlo <mikael@pawlo.com> writes:

    Me> The site seems to be inspired, at least somewhat, by Larry
    Me> Lessig's new book, _Free_Culture_: ...which, strangely enough,
    Me> doesn't seem to be available under a Creative Commons or any
    Me> other free redistribution license.

    MP> A qualified guess: Larry will release it under Founder's
    MP> copyright:

Ah, yes. There's notice of that here:


Not really Free or even freely redistributable, but, hey, better than
nothing I guess.  I look forward to reading this book in 2018. Or
2032. Or whatever. Should be a great historical reference!

    MP> Why should it be freely (at no cost) available from day one?
    MP> That has never been Larry's argument.

Well, so, that's two different questions. Why should it be freely
available from day one? The same reasons all books* should be freely
(as in freedomly) available from day one. Duh.

But the other question you seem to be asking is why this _particular_
book should be Free. I find it mildly curious that it's not, but
that's all. I'm not trying to say that Dr. Lessig's message is invalid
because his work is not Free. Like I said: I guess I'll read his
argument in 2032 and see for myself.

~Mr. Bad

* And software, and art, and photos, and films, and music. 

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